The Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media) at RMIT University, Melbourne, is one of the most popular and successful animation programs in Australia, it specialises in:

  • 2D Animation (ToonBoom, TVPaint)

  • 3D Animation (Maya, Houdini)

  • Motion Graphics /Special Effects (After Effects, Nuke)

This program explores animation in all its forms, from the animated character to motion graphics across linear and interactive environments. Presented in a creative and supportive environment, the program focuses on intellectual investigation and conceptual development.

Students and staff enjoy wide national and international acknowledgement and exhibit in festivals and conferences such as Siggraph, MIAF, MIFF, LIAF, MILIA and Annecy.

Building on a historic culture of animation at RMIT all staff are practising artists, designers and industry practitioners. They are experienced educators actively engaged in research in their areas of expertise.

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